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Steel Panel

Auto Labeller Steel Panel


A specially designed panel made of All Steel is suitable for places requiring minimal building load.
Finishing MaterialConductive tile, Deluxe tile, Carpet tile, etc
Tophot rolled steel sheet (SHP 612 × 612)
Bottomcold rolled steel sheet(SCP 680 × 680)
Dimension600/610mm × 600/610mm × 32T(Excluding finishing materials)
SurfaceElectrostatic Powder Coating
Length± 0.5mm or less of each side length / 600mm/610mm ± 0.5mm below
right anglenot more than 0.1% of the length of one side
FlatnessNot more than 1.0 mm of periphery /
not more than 2.0 mm of center and other parts
Withstand pressureR Type : 4.0mm or less at 2940 N (300 kgf)
SP Type : 4.0mm or less at 4900 N (500 kgf)
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